Development Education

One of the best ways of raising awareness of the terrible plight of street children is through Development Education programmes. HOPE is a registered Irish charity working with street and slum children in Kolkata (Calcutta).We believe in sustainable development and work with 14 Indian NGO partners to ensure local people are involved in development. We fund over 60 projects in education, healthcare, child shelter and protection, nutrition, drug rehabilitation and counselling.We have worked with Irish schools since 2003 and with third level institutions since 2009.Understanding and witnessing the realities of poverty inspires young people to take action for change. Reaching out to young people much less fortunate is taking real steps to a better, more fair world.Would your school or college like to help or find out more? Download our school’s pack. If you prefer, you can phone for a copy: Tel: 021-4292990 or email: 

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HOPE-Froebel Partnership

Since 2009, Froebel College of Education in Dublin has worked in partnership with the Hope Foundation in Kolkata. Every year 25-30 eager students with their lecturers travel to India’s ‘City of Joy’ to engage in HOPE’s education programmes. With an immense amount of knowledge, skills and resources, these students embark on what can only be described as a life-changing experience.

The Froebel students spend one month in HOPE’s crèches and coaching centres, in which they organise workshops for teachers and directly teach the children. The Froebellian Method of Teaching provides additional English and Math support to the teachers and explores new teaching methods such as role play, active learning, use of play, phonics and art.

The workshops conducted by the Froebel students are now concentrating on practical rather than theory-based learning, which has seen huge benefits throughout the HOPE centres. It cannot be understated that the HOPE-Froebel Partnership is a dual exchange of ideas, resources and learning, providing the Irish students with a true insight into a different culture, way of life and teaching methods.

Pic shows Froebel graduates in Kolkata, July 2012.


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The CSPE Programme in Irish Schools

The Civic, Social & Political Education course in second-level schools is divided into four units of study. Under Unit 4: Ireland & the World: World Development Issues, students can take a closer look at the development work carried out by Irish charity organisations like The Hope Foundation.

HOPE’s CSPE Guide for Teachers is available here

Education is just as powerful a tool for change at home, as it is in Kolkata

Every year Irish secondary school students involved in HOPE programmes have the life enhancing experience of ‘children helping children’.

One of HOPEs most valued ways of raising awareness of the terrible plight of the street children is through our involvement with Irish schools. We have worked with schools all over Ireland since 2003.

Every year, students involved with HOPE derive great benefits from the worthwhile experience of ‘children helping children’.

We believe that children and young people everywhere deserve a chance. Education is one of the tools that can give them a chance to escape poverty, to be free of exploitation and abuse on the streets.

Children attending HOPE projects go to school, enjoy better health, have fun and can look forward to living a longer, independent life.

HOPE, working with Indian NGO partners to ensure local people are involved in developing their communities, funds over 60 projects working for street children and their communities in the areas of education, healthcare, child protection, shelter, nutrition drug rehabilitation and counselling.

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School Visits

A representative of Hope is available to come and visit your school. They can give a talk to pupils, show a short film and answer your questions about the work of HOPE.

To set up a visit call 021-4292990 or email:

TY Immersion Programme

As parents and teachers we want to bring up our children to be responsible and respectful to others; to have a well-balanced view on social issues and to care for people who are much less fortunate.

This is the context behind Development Education Immersion Programme for TY students. This programme gives young people from Transition Year an opportunity to learn about the reality of a life of extreme poverty for young people their age and to do something positive to help through fundraising. A group of students from each participating school are given the opportunity to travel to Kolkata (Calcutta).

In India, the students witness the reality of living in slums and on the streets; they see what HOPE is doing to help through their projects, thanks to their generosity, and they also take part in an Indian cultural event.

A young person who experiences and understands what poverty really is, to immerse themselves in it for one week, to smell it, witness it, gives them an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience that they share and will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The goal is make young people aware of another’s reality and not to make them feel bad about what they have. HOPE’s leaders are experienced in supporting young people through the immersion experience.

Press release of the School Immersion Programme with South City International School


Director’s Message
Every child is entitled to grow up being cared for and protected. Children will not be free from exploitation and abuse until all levels of society, from the immediate family to the broader international community, work together. Universal responsibility is vital for the betterment of society”.Maureen Forrest, Hon. Director of the Hope Foundation.Kolkata (Calcutta) Experience with HOPE:
Every year, a number of Irish secondary schools send Transition Year students to Kolkata to visit HOPE’s projects working with street children. Participating students are chosen by their schools from among the TY students who have participated in HOPE’s Immersion Programme and who have worked to fundraise for HOPE on behalf of their school.

Who should take part?

Students travelling to India are chosen as representatives of their school. They will have worked during the year to fundraise for HOPE’s projects and for the Kolkata experience

For this reason it is important that the selection process is carried out by teachers who know the students and are aware of their level of commitment.

If more than four students from a school wish to participate in the Kolkata experience, their school is required to send at least one responsible adult with the student group. This can be a teacher (preferably) or a parent.

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Student Selection Process: Schools are free to select students according to their own chosen methods, for example, interviews, essays, monitoring of fundraising work etc.HOPE does not involve itself in a school’s selection process, as we are not familiar enough with the student applicants. We will accept the students chosen by a school on the school’s recommendation.If you have any queries about any aspect of the Kolkata Experience, please contact Madeleine Cummins, tel: 021-4292990, email: We welcome TY groups at our projects in Kolkata who have taken part in our Immersion Education Programme and also welcome third level students for relevant work placements on our projects.

HOPE Butlers Irish chocolate Initiative

Students purchase the bars from us to sell at €2 each in school shops, cafeterias or on college campus’ or at fundraising events. Funds raised make a huge difference to the lives of street children in Kolkata (Calcutta).

HOPE Pens & Wristbands

Pens and wristbands are available for students to buy for themselves or to use as part of their fundraising. Each item is sold for €2 and raises much needed funds for street children and vulnerable families in Kolkata.

Mini-business Projects

Need some great products to start your mini-business? Chocolate is a good place to start as it’s always in demand! TY students use Butlers HOPE Chocolate Bars, HOPE Pens and Wristbands as a basis for their mini-business projects. You have the chance to help a good cause while learning business skills with quality products.

TY Kolkata Experience

Schools travelling to Calcutta as part of the HOPE Immersion Education Programme can use the Butlers HOPE Chocolate Bars, HOPE pens and wristbands to help raise funds for HOPE’s projects.

For further information about The Hope Foundation or any of these of these initiatives please contact the HOPE office on 021-4292990 or email:

The Hope Foundation is very fortunate to have an agreement with Butlers Irish Chocolate. Students can sell delicious and yummy HOPE Chocolate Bars, made and supplied by Butlers, to raise funds for HOPE.