Book of Condolence for Geeta

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A Tragic Announcement from Maureen

“We have been through difficult times at HOPE over the years, this is the absolute worst of them. On Sunday 11th October, in complete shock and devastation, we announced the untimely and sudden death of our beloved Geeta Venkadakrishnan. There will never be anyone like Geeta, this loss is almost impossible for us to put into words. She was the most special of human beings. Our hearts are absolutely breaking as we write this.

Geeta had been privately battling Covid 19 recently. We were respecting her request for privacy, we had been monitoring her progress while quietly praying for her speedy recovery. Up until the morning of Sunday 11th October Geeta was recovering and we were all hopeful, but as a result of a massive heart attack she tragically died that afternoon.

There are no words that can express our deep anguish and sorrow for the enormity of this tragic loss. Geeta has been a special friend to me for 21 years and a special friend to the HOPE family. To her HOPE family all over the world, many of you met her and loved her, everyone knew her big heart and will mourn her loss with us all. We are especially thinking of her beloved HOPE children who will be heartbroken.

Our deepest sympathy is with her husband Ravi and her son Harish, her family and her close friends, colleagues as they try to come to terms with such a tragic loss.”

Geeta dedicated her life to her work, her passion never wavered, she never stopped, so neither will we. We have to continue, in her memory. If you wish to honour Geeta you can donate to HOPE in her memory to help us continue her mission. Geeta, we will remember you and honour you in carrying on your work with your beloved children.

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I was so sorry to hear of Geeta's passing last week and send heartfelt condolences to her family, friend and colleagues. The world is darker for her passing but was surely brighter for her life. Rest in peace Geeta xx

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Alana O'Leary

So much love to Geetas family and friends. She will be missed by so many and remembered for having such a kind soul.

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Michael & Martha Lynn

Sending our deepest sympathies to Geetas family and all her Hope friends. Thinking of you all at this very sad time.
Best wishes,
Martha and Michael Lynn

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Barry Mooney

A very special person and an inspiration to us all. Rest in Peace Geeta.

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Eleanor Custy

My sincere condolences to Geeta's family, friends and the entire Hope family. Thankful to have met such a kind, giving and humble person. May she rest in perfect peace.

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Julia Evans

I only met Geeta once at the Street Child Cricket event her in Cambridge. My memory for people is not great but as soon as John told us of her death I had in my mind a clear picture of a her, her vitality, life and warmth and can only imagine the loss she is to those who are close to her and to the project.

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Rosaleen Thomas

My sincere condolence and sympathies to Getta’s family and friends and all at the Hope Foundation. I was very privileged to have known Getta, Getta was an inspiration to everyone ,her selflessness and courage was boundless, she was a shining light that shone for so many many people. She had a tremendous impact on everyone she met and will be remembered forever.

Rest in Peace Getta

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Susan barry

Such a tragic loss to the people of kolkotta.Geeta was a saint among them.may she rest in peace and may the work she has done over the years not b forgotten.I will miss her smile and her warmth,kolkotta will b a much sadder place without her.

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Madge Scanlon

Geeta you were a shining light in a world with a lot of darkness. Your memory will live on through all those you helped with great kindness and compassion. I would like to extend my heartfelt sympathy to your family and to the Hope family in India and throughout the world.

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Geeta mam is in every soul of Hope Family and innumerable outside Hope, whom she touched with her boundless Love and Compassion. She is Blessed and Healed ? Prayers for her Peace and Healings. Strength to her family members and Members of Hope Family RIP RIP ma'am ??

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Donna Jacobson (Clark)

So saddened and shocked
The legacy is priceless

We were Priveledged to meet this beautiful soul in the steps of Mother Theresa.

Yet she indeed had her own special flavour to give to the world.. the children on the street … the future of India.

We met her on our trip and it was indeed the highlight of all my experiences travelling the subcontinent. I was lifted and inspired.

I was indeed filled with hope.

Through her hard work and the inspiration she gave my sister and my family I now sponsor a child with the organisation Who can count on my continued support now snd moving forward

Geeta .. gone for now … and your legacy will continue to inspire .

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Sean Buckley

During my 17 year association with the Hope Foundation I only met Geeta a couple of times but I was always inspired by her humanity and her humility, I humbly offer my deepest sympathies and am certain that her God will keep her safe in the comfort of his love until she is re united with her loving family. May she rest in peace.

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Jeanne Beatty

Heartfelt Condolences to Geeta’s family and HOPE.
May she Rest In Peace

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Patricia Ebbs

Beautiful lady & a great loss to everyone.
My sincere condolences to Geeta family, friends, volunteers & The Hope foundation ?

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Thomas Mathew, Indian Assocoation Of Sligo, Ireland(IAS)

Our heartfelt condolences and prayers may her soul rest in peace

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You was my second mother as you always guide me personally and professionally I never believe you are not with me. You always be stay in my heart. Always missing your smiling and encouraging face. Will love you forever. I want to extend my deepest condolence to you and your family.

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Martina Flanagan

A light has gone out. Almost a week has passed since we received the dreadful news that out beautiful Geeta has left us. You will always be remembered. You’re incredible legacy of love , support and caring for the poor and those in need will never be forgotten. Brian and I are broken hearted and cannot imagine the terrible grief her own family and her hope family are going through. Deepest deepest sympathies.

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Joan Hunt – Pranic Healing for Hope

We met Geeta on our first visit to Kolkata. She inspired us with her passion, love and dedication to help those in dire poverty and need. She was a beautiful lady. Her legacy will live for generations. My condolences to her family and all that Hope family. May she Rest in Peace.

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Richard Hageman

Words can never mend whats been taken from us, at this time its about the family left behind and we can hope with great support they will get through this terrible time..

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Maureen Fogarty


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Eleanor O'Driscoll

When I met Geeta at last year's Hope Lunch she was as spirited, energetic and enthusiastic as when I first met he in Kolkata back in 1994.Back then we worked together supporting street children. What i remember most about Geeta is that she always went above and beyond the what was expected of her, dedicated to doing absolutely everything she could to improve the lives of the most vulnerable children. One of the children in our care was very unsettled and disturbed. We knew of the child's past but knew he needed to come to terms with his past to be able to move on his life. He had an intellectual disability and hearing impairment which made things even more difficult. Geeta arranged to take me and the child to a slum where she had an inclination to where he had been working in a factory. The people denied knowing him and did not want to engage with us. Geeta would not be put off and persisted until finally they admitted knowing him and giving us information as to how he arrived there and how he came to be found so ill living on the streets. It was an enormous help for the child giving him a peace he had not had before.
I know so many people, like me, are devastated to have lost Geeta and we will cherish the memories of a truly amazing woman who touched the lives of everyone she met. I feel privileged to have known her. I send my condolences to her husband and son and to the Hope family who truly appreciated her. May Geeta rest in Peace. Eleanor

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Allegra Anna Federica Katia

Geeta, we can’t think about Kolkata without thinking of you.
Ten years ago we met your joyful, wonderful Soul and we fell in love with your children, with this incredible city and with the need to fight poverty and suffering with education. You’ve always been the light that made each of ‘our’ Skychildren sparkling with potential, willingness and future, even in the dirtiest slum of Kolkata, within the most violent family or in the worst run down city area.
You’ve always been the power of change, the driving force for the programs we’ve shared, leading us to tackle any hindrance to make our dreams, their dreams, come true.
We’re so honoured to have met you along the most valuable way of our lives: you made us better and taught us how rewarded we could feel by helping our children to build their future.
We’ll go head on this way, always leaning on you and pushed by the immeasurable energy of your smile.
With all our love
Allegra, Anna, Federica and Katia

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Sabitri Sanyal

Geeta Ma'am started a movement to narrow down the gap between two extreme socioeconomic conditions of the society. She had been a mother to thousands of children in dire need of care and protection, a mentor for the entire Hope Kolkata Foundation family and a passionate educator for all the human beings who came in contact with her. We will miss her physical presence, however her essence lives and continues to be with the huge legacy she has left behind. Geeta Venkadakrishnan will forever remain in our hearts and be our inspiration to work.

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Brian MacMahon

Dear Geeta. Your bright light, which for decades has illuminated the darkest and poorest corners of Kolkata, bringing Hope to so many children, has prematurely flickered and dimmed. May your indomitable spirit now rest in God's gentle peace, and may your family and friends be consoled in their great loss.

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Seán Houlihan

A warm-hearted lady with a deep desire and drive for societal change. A real human being. May she rest in peace.

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Valerie Metcalfe, FCM Travel Solutions Ireland

We are very sorry to hear the extremly sad news about Geeta. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and colleagues.

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Surya Saha

It’s tough for me to put this words but I am deeply saddened by the news of our Geeta leaving us. She was an Iron lady with unlimited energy and passion to serve the society. She was even a great Lerner of new technologies like AI and others. I still remember her coming down to Bangalore to speak on how everting technologies can help transform the society. She will always be remembered. Her leadership and kindness was next to none. I was and will always admire her work and how she lead every activity and team at Hope Kolkata. May god bless her soul and be with her family. RIP.

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Vikas Mehra

I have heard that even GOD needs good souls in heaven. That is the reason why good people die at a very young age. Geeta Di was one such soul, who GOD wanted to be with. Her good work would always be guiding force for all of us to strive and do whatever little we can for the mankind. We will live with her fond memories and pray her soul to rest in peace, and give her family enough strength to bear such a huge loss. This loss is not just for her immediate family, but also for her family at Hope Foundation where she was a mother to thousands of children.

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Archie Carron

such a wonderful kind hearted soul, honoured to have known her, she'll live on my fond memories of her

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Devanjan Sarkar

Geeta Di was instrumental in helping and sharing her expertise in developing my NGO . But I fmet her in my first job when we were celebrating the Joy of Giving week. Hope Foundation Kolkata participated and we successfully executed the program. She was always supportive of any activity regarding development of the underprivileged.

Regards ?