Book of Condolence for Geeta

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A Tragic Announcement from Maureen

“We have been through difficult times at HOPE over the years, this is the absolute worst of them. On Sunday 11th October, in complete shock and devastation, we announced the untimely and sudden death of our beloved Geeta Venkadakrishnan. There will never be anyone like Geeta, this loss is almost impossible for us to put into words. She was the most special of human beings. Our hearts are absolutely breaking as we write this.

Geeta had been privately battling Covid 19 recently. We were respecting her request for privacy, we had been monitoring her progress while quietly praying for her speedy recovery. Up until the morning of Sunday 11th October Geeta was recovering and we were all hopeful, but as a result of a massive heart attack she tragically died that afternoon.

There are no words that can express our deep anguish and sorrow for the enormity of this tragic loss. Geeta has been a special friend to me for 21 years and a special friend to the HOPE family. To her HOPE family all over the world, many of you met her and loved her, everyone knew her big heart and will mourn her loss with us all. We are especially thinking of her beloved HOPE children who will be heartbroken.

Our deepest sympathy is with her husband Ravi and her son Harish, her family and her close friends, colleagues as they try to come to terms with such a tragic loss.”

Geeta dedicated her life to her work, her passion never wavered, she never stopped, so neither will we. We have to continue, in her memory. If you wish to honour Geeta you can donate to HOPE in her memory to help us continue her mission. Geeta, we will remember you and honour you in carrying on your work with your beloved children.

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Chrissie Bond

I was deeply shocked to hear of Geeta’s sudden passing. She never ceased to amaze and inspire me as she devoted her life to selfless service to all those in need.
May divine light shine upon you dearest Geeta.
Sending healing breaths to all of your family at this sad time.

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Reza Beyad

You were the light, the candle, the “diya” for these children. You were the heart and the soul of HOPE; you gave these children love, and the dignity that they deserved. You have truly left a whole community in shock and grief.

Your memory will live on forever, and we will honour you in the best way that you would approve – work harder to give these children a better future. Pursue your dreams and mission to give these kids a better life. We will not allow them to lose HOPE.

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Anne Marie Smyth and Alannah Smyth

Geeta I have no doubt that tonight after an unexpected and unwelcome departure from Kolkata you are now resting safely in the arms of your God
The vacuum you have left behind can never be filled and all those whose lives you have changed especially in helping our Lotus Child Foundation is truly immeasurable
Alannah and my visits to India and the building our schools at Kolkata with our volunteers were helped by you in ways only you know ho important and special you were
The Hope Foundation were indeed blessed to have found you and you will always be remembered as the living legend of their Charity and I’ve no doubt in saying you really did practice the meaning of the word “Charity” as your left hand did not know what your right hand was doing so as to avoid being praised or recognised for your incredible work and unstinting generosity in Irish we say
“Ar dheis De go raibh a anam dilis “
At the right hand side of God may her faithful soul be at rest
Best always and never forgotten Anne Marie and Alannah

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Sive O' Sullivan

My deepest sympathies to her family, friends and everyone at Hope. She was a guardian angel sent to save the lives of so many people. Her love was unconditional! May her legacy live on forever ❤️

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AnnMarie Whelan

Deepest sympathies to Geeta’s family and her Hope friends. She was an amazing person. She will be truly missed by all. Her support and commitment to the work of the Hope foundation will always be remembered. RIP

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Sinead Fox Tiger Widows Organisation

Love to Geeta's family in Kolkata and in Cork, she was a beautiful person who was incredibly committed and dedicated to doing good and honouring others. She made the world a better place, she touched hearts and inspired so so many people and I'm sure she raised some leaders to follow in her footsteps. See you on the other side my friend. Sinead x x

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Sujata Sen, CEO, Future Hope

A tragic loss for the poor children of Kolkata who have lost a dear, warm hearted friend. We will all miss her.

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Jan May Taylor

Your shining light will never diminish and will live on in all those you loved, helped and inspired.

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Karen Molloy

The world is a sadder place without you in it today ?

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Milena Chilla-Markhoff

I can’t imagine the Hope community, Panditiya neighborhood, or South Cal without Geeta. She was ever-present, she knew everyone from the young crèche children to the life skills trainees, to the young women and men in the Hope residences to us expats/friends of Hope by face and name. I cannot recall her not smiling. She was compassionate, dedicated and tireless. I extend my sincere condolences to her husband, son, extended family and the hundreds if not thousands of lives she touched and improved. She left this world much too soon.

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Deirdre Homan

My deepest sympathy to Geeta’s family and those close to her, my first time in Kolkata volunteering with the Hope foundation, Geeta was the most kindest, warmest person, always there to support, her passion working within the Hope projects was inspirational, four years later I returned, Geeta however busy, always had time to welcome and support all the volunteers in Kolkata, what an amazing difference Geeta and the Hope foundation have brought to the people of Kolkata, we will be truly inspired to continue to support her legacy and the work Hope continue to do within Kolkata, RIP

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Chloe Homan

A real Saint and a beautiful kind women. May she rest in peace

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Neil O’Connor

I first met geeta when I was in kolkata in 2019. I was memorised by her determination, her kindness and how she Knew every single person name, if it was a child in one of the homes to a random person on the highly populated streets. She knew them and greeted them with a smile. Geeta was a treasure to all of us, It was only the last hope lunch I met her once again in cork, She was determined to thank people for their help with hope and so she did. She was one of a kind. Rest in peace geeta, you will be truly missed.
Thoughts are with Maureen and Hope

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Jacqui McCoy

There are no words, such a massive loss?R.I.P Geeta you were such a special person who gave so much to so many. Thoughts are with your family and all the Hope family during this tragic time.

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Maria Murphy

My deepest sympathies to Geeta’s family, she was and will be forever a true inspirational woman. I am so grateful I met this wonderful woman in New York, volunteering for a hope event and she will never be forgotten for her amazing work she has done.

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Catherine Lidman

I am so very sorry. May she Rest In Peace.

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Amrita – lifeskills restaurant

Since last evening, it is almost like living in the past. From the day I interviewed with her it was a learning journey for next few years. A mentor, friend, elder sister, boss..the little learnt and experienced has been because of her.
It is all too surreal..I regret not keeping in touch..
I pray for Harish and everyone in HKF..wish I was there.

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Christopher Hancock

Geeta was an inspiration, so loved by all the children. An enormous loss.
With my thoughts and prayers for her, Geeta’s family and friends.

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Cats Kennelly

My Deepest,Sympathy to Geeta Family and all at the Hope foundation.May your gentle soul RIP Fly high with the Angels ???

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Katie McCormack and Ger Fogarty

Deepest sympathies to Geetas family, friends and all in Hope. Geeta has left behind a legacy like no other, one of sincere kindness.

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Nic Owen

May You Rest In Peace Geeta.. A Beautiful Soul, A Heart Filled With Endless Love And The Most Infectious Smile.. Your Love And Kindness Touched So Many Lives.. Your Memory Will Live On Forever Through “The Hope Foundation” ❤️

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Claire Sawyer

Sending healing prayers and comforting hugs to you all.

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John Fleming

May she rest in peace. Such a tragic loss, my sincere sympathies.

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Caoimhe Buckley

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Geeta. She was the heart of Hope in Kolkata with Maureen Forrest. I had the privilege to meet her when I went to Kolkata in 2012 and was so welcoming and kind.She will be sadly missed. Rest in peace Geeta. Your kindness and legacy will always be remembered.

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Sheila Vaughan

I first saw Geeta on Sue Perkins documentary on Kolkata. After that, I vowed I would get involved in the immersion programme and help in any way I could. Geeta is one of the most compassionate, caring and kind people I’ve ever come across. She was so dignified and graceful and one of the most inspiring women I’ve ever encountered. She has touched so many lives and many in ways she never imagined. I hope Geeta is at peace. We are all at a huge loss having lost her gentle soul. May she rest in peace.

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Theresa Sullivan

RIP geeta, you'll be sadly missed. Thanks for all your kindness and help during my times in panditya. Kolkata wont be the same without you x

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Olive Lynch

A very sad day for everyone involved with the hope foundation. May Geeta rest in peace beautiful lady. My condolences too her husband and son ??????

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John Scott

"The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life." -Rabindranath Tagore

Kolkata has many such young trees now, planted and nurtured by Geeta. May your soul go straight to Brahma and may Lakshmi watch over your family always.

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Cara O'Doherty

My deepest sympathies to Geeta and her family and friends. I have fond memories of her positivity and joy in Kolkata, she was truly amazing woman. In the worlds of Rabindranath Tagore,
When you live in the hearts
Of those you love
Remember then
You never die.

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Maeve Smith

My sincere sympathy to Geeta's family and friends.For all the HOPE family the news of her passing is so difficult, she will be very sadly missed. A wonderful lady whose contribution to good can't be measured.May she rest in peace.