Geeta, we can’t think about Kolkata without thinking of you. Ten years ago we met your joyful, wonderful Soul and we fell in love with your children, with this incredible city and with the need to fight poverty and suffering with education. You’ve always been the light that made each of ‘our’ Skychildren sparkling with potential, willingness and future, even in the dirtiest slum of Kolkata, within the most violent family or in the worst run down city area. You’ve always been the power of change, the driving force for the programs we’ve shared, leading us to tackle any hindrance to make our dreams, their dreams, come true. We’re so honoured to have met you along the most valuable way of our lives: you made us better and taught us how rewarded we could feel by helping our children to build their future. We’ll go head on this way, always leaning on you and pushed by the immeasurable energy of your smile. With all our love Allegra, Anna, Federica and Katia