Grattan Boylan / Educo

Dear Geeta, You were always such a fun, capable person with a charming smile and semi-permanent wink in your eye! I recall the many occasions (almost yearly, since 2006) when you welcomed Educo colleagues and donors (Educo gave the Lifeskills Building which Geeta and Hope so successfully run to give vocational/lifeskills to so many young adults each year). Geeta, you would arrange our visits and show us around, opening our eyes to the potential being achieved from the inauspicious gutters, sewers and slums. This time last year, it was (as ever) inspiring to see your teachers educating children, medics caring for the sick in your hospital. You were a great life force of energy and warmth and can-do approach. My heartfelt condolences to the Venkadakrishnan and Hope families. May your enthusiasm and warmth continue to be closely felt by your family long into the future.