Piyal Sen

I was devastated to hear of the news of Geeta passing away, especially since I was thinking of my home city of Kolkata and the difficult time it was passing through with Covid, particularly for the underprivileged. I had previously done a workshop in Kolkata to support the professionals who work for the Hope Foundation, organised by Geeta, and thinking of her, I mailed Reza offering to virtually support these dedicated workers, the little I could do from London. The reply came back from Reza to say Geeta had just passed away! While feeling devastated initially, I also saw hope in it, as she is now leaving it up to us now to follow her shining example and give something back to the people that she cared so much about, which we shall try our best to do, in whatever little way possible. In the meantime, I pray for Geeta’s noble soul.