Prakash K Rath

Dear Geeta, 18th May 2020 you last posted an facebook appeal to my whatsapp account and after that I sent so many messages to you but you never responded. I knew that you were extremely busy and thought to myself that you will reply when free. But it never crossed my mind that you will completely set yourself free by living this world. That's not what we had ever discussed that you will go away leaving us all in shock and with a gut wrenching feeling of emptiness. Why Geeta, why so soon? You were such a great person with your genuine concern for the vulnerable children. I learnt a lot from you though you would humbly say that I had more experience. You still had such a lot to offer to the social development sector.... I can't think of an NAGN meet without you. I can't think of a Kolkata without you, I can't think of Sikkim without you, can't think of a friendship without you....So many wonderful memories... You left too soon..... Life will never be the same without you.. Prakash