Meet Alifa – a Lifeskills Centre Success Story

Meet Alifa a Lifeskills Centre Success Story

We all have a dream for our lives and dreams for our children.

Here is Alifa’s story, this is her dream in her own words.

By giving people training, skills and trades, we are giving them power. The power to take control and change their lives forever, and to help others do the same. Thank you for your part in making this happen.

Alifa Bewa (36 years old) lives with her daughter in Howrah. Her husband was a private tutor who, in order to earn more money and support the family financially, started working in a jute mill. However, tragedy struck when her husband suffered a heart attack and died.

Life became very hard for this single mother. After learning about the HOPE Life skills Centre, she immediately got in touch with us and she has not looked back since.

Alifa joined the Computer Application & Spoken English and Personality Development training programme under HOPE in October 2017. Her willpower and determination to learn is appreciated by everyone in the class.

“I dream to sit for Class XII Board Examination this year if possible or certainly next year. Education is the pillar of success and in today’s world, knowledge of computers is the foundation of any career. I intend to be an example for those women who forget to dream and become deprived of their rights and freedom. I will study hard to ensure that my daughter completes her graduation and has a nice job. Thank you HOPE, for giving me wings to fly, and inspire hundreds of women like me.”

Thank you Alifa, your strength and determination is inspiring to all of us at HOPE.

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