Over 12,000 Families Fed, Help Us Reach 60,000

Over 12,000 Families Fed, Help Us Reach 60,000

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Since operations began around 6 weeks ago our Emergency Response Teams in Kolkata and surrounding rural areas have distributed food packs and daily provisions to over 12,000 families, which equates to approximately 60,000 individuals. Our aim over the coming weeks is to reach out to 60,000 families living on the streets, in the slums and quarantined in the nearby rural villages of Bengal. If you are in a position to help us please visit our COVID-19 Emergency Response page here.

Recently, we began providing primary health care support during the day – trained nurses and doctors go to various slums and street population locations daily to provide free medical treatment and medicine to the people.

In co-operation with Kolkata Police, we have rescued fifteen homeless and abandoned people from the street and admitted them to HOPE Hospital for immediate treatment. After their recovery they will be sent to the Missionaries of Charity where they will live the rest of their lives with the dignity and respect that they deserve, just like everybody else.

HOPE Hospital, led by Samiran Mallik and his remarkable team, is currently working with more than 90 charities in West Bengal and neighbouring states. Our partnership with the Missionaries of Charity allows us to provide a complete care and rehabilitation programme for the homeless and abandoned patients.

We are so thankful to the HOPE Emergency Response Team members who are selflessly working on the ground against all odds. You are our heroes.

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