Will You Make a Christmas Promise?

Will You Make a Christmas Promise?


HOPE Launches Their “Christmas Promise” Appeal

23 years ago our founder Maureen was volunteering in Kolkata and met some young girls who had been rescued from the streets. Witnessing the horror they had endured, Maureen made a promise to those children that she would dedicate the rest of her life to fundraising for the protection and care of street and slum connected children and their communities. Since then, so many of you have joined this mission and helped us to make such a difference – you have helped us keep our promise to the children in our care.

This Christmas, we need your help as much as ever. It is not an option to break a promise to a child and we have so many children in our care, and needing our care. Our promise must never be broken.

So, we are asking you to make your own Christmas Promise to a child who needs your help. You can donate, sponsor a child or you can buy a Gift of HOPE.

Over the coming weeks we will be showing you how you can make a small and simple promise which will make a huge and lasting difference.

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