Our Culture

Under the following 3 headings we have clearly outlined our Vision, Mission and Core Values. Our organisation culture is driven by the passion we have to execute our Vision and Mission and is underpinned by our Core Values.

Our Vision

“A world where it should never hurt to be a child.” Restoring childhoods to children and sustainability to individuals and communities.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for the most marginalised street and slum connected children and communities, primarily in India. Ensuring their basic rights and enhancing their dignity of life, through protection, health, education and economic development in a sustainable life cycle approach. 

Our Core Values


We are accountable. We believe in transparency and in making ourselves accountable to our donors, supporters and beneficiaries. We are committed to the highest standards of governance and practice.




We collaborate. Communities are at our heart, we believe in building and fostering partnerships at different levels at home and abroad, in order to leverage regional and global strength for sustainable development.




We treat one another equally. We are committed to promoting equality by removing barriers that stop full participation of every individual, group or community in public or political life. We believe in and promote inclusivity and diversity inside and outside the workplace.


We are innovative. We believe in the power of great ideas. We are always open to accepting and developing new and creative ideas, which will enhance systematic change for sustainable solutions.



We have integrity. We aspire to the highest standards of honesty and encourage critical thinking for further development. We never compromise on quality and act in the best interests of those with whom we work with.



We are respectful. We respect the people we work for and on behalf of, we respect ourselves, we respect our colleagues and our community. We are respectful whatever the situation. We have fostered an organisation that enables and encourages respect.