Terms & Conditions

1. Walkers must be over 18yrs at the time of the Walk. Under-18’s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian of over 21yrs.

2. All funds submitted to HOPE towards your Walk fund are non-refundable. In the event of cancellation, these funds will go to HOPE’s projects minus any costs incurred. In the event that you are having trouble reaching your target, please call HOPE to discuss possible options.

3. The budget for the HOPE Walk is based on:

  • Flights to/from Kolkata: at a group rate from/to Dublin on the dates designated (13 - 24 March 2024);
  • Room-sharing: 2 persons to a twin room;
  • Travel insurance*, accommodation, meals, transport and tour guides as per itinerary set by HOPE and our Indian tour operator.

The costs of a visa for India, vaccinations and malaria tablets, single rooms, changes to flights, extra insurance cover and non-itinerary-listed activities are NOT covered in the total Walk cost of €4,500.

4. Any fundraising for HOPE in relation to our Walk Programme will be overseen by HOPE. Participants should keep HOPE informed of your public fundraising activities and abide by the guidelines given by HOPE in relation to correct fundraising practices.

5. HOPE and our travel agents reserve the right to make changes to the Walk itinerary if necessary e.g. due to weather conditions.

6. HOPE cannot make alternative travel arrangements for individuals on the HOPE Walk. The only exceptions are:

  • Booking of single rooms on request, subject to payment of a single supplement to be advised;
  • Booking of alternate return flight dates from Kolkata to Dublin, subject to payment of extra airline charges and any extra cost of extending travel insurance cover. Contact Lee Travel to enquire.

7. Your passport must have at least 6 months validity left from the time of the trip to apply for an Indian Visa. Therefore it should be valid until the end of Sept 2024. If your passport expires before this date please renew as soon as possible and forward a copy to HOPE for your travel bookings.

8. *All walkers should be covered by a travel insurance policy taken out through Lee Travel. However, any pre-existing medical conditions will NOT be covered by this policy and any additional cover required must be organised with Lee Travel. Details of your cover will be forwarded by Lee Travel. If you prefer to use your own travel cover please check with HOPE that it will be adequate for this trip.

9. Walkers are responsible for the accuracy of their own E-visa application form, HOPE will provide step by step instructions, but applications must be filled by participants themselves. HOPE have no control and take no liability over the outcomes of any Visa Applications.

10. By signing up to the HOPE Walk you are confirming that you are in sufficient good health to take part in this trip however in certain cases a letter confirming fitness to travel may be requested from your doctor.

Please inform HOPE before signing up if you have any medical condition that could affect you on this trip. HOPE reserves the right to refuse a place on this trip to anyone deemed medically unfit to take part.

11. All participants in the HOPE Walk must take full responsibility for getting all the necessary vaccinations for India, obtaining malaria medication if required and bringing adequate supplies of any existing medication. As HOPE Ireland has no qualified medical staff, please do not contact our office for details of the required vaccinations for this trip. You will need to attend a travel medical clinic or your own GP in this regard. If you choose not to get vaccinations or take malaria tablets or prefer to use alternative medications, that is your personal choice and HOPE can bear no responsibility for this choice.

12. Participants are responsible at all times for your own health and safety and the safety of your personal possessions. While HOPE, together with our travel agents, will do all we can to ensure the best conditions possible for your trip, we cannot accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage that may be suffered by you during the course of your trip or for conditions possible for your trip, we cannot accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage that may be suffered by you during the course of your trip or for conditions in India that are outside of our control.
13 Flights: By signing up to this trip you are also signing up to be part of the group flight booking with Lee Travel. Prices are based on this group booking of 15 and this is the maximum number of flights HOPE can hold to avoid incurring potential charges to the charity and is based on the average number of participants on this trip in previous years.