Inspired by the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui, Pranic Healing for HOPE was established in 2018 with the aim of raising much needed funds to support HOPE’s projects for the street connected and slum dwelling children of Kolkata. Please support this fundraising initiative for HOPE by clicking the donate button.

Since 2018 Pranic Healing for HOPE has raising an incredible €200,000, which is a phenomenal amount and an astounding achievement. This dedicated group continue to fundraise for 2 projects - PBK Residential Childcare Centre and the Night Round Mobile Medical Programme, details of which you can se below.

Thanks to your generosity we have reached our fundraising target for the Night Round Mobile Medical Programme for this year, but we still need your support to reach our target for PBK. Until the end of March 2014, all donations will go towards funding that project. Please help us to get there!

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A Home of HOPE for the Children of Kolkata

Funding PBK Residential Child Care Centre for Girls

PBK Residential Child Care Centre was established as a residential child care centre to protect the childhoods and rights of girls living in the red-light area of Kolkata.

Your donations to Pranic Healing for HOPE ensures that vulnerable children are supported with the necessary care for their development, and the restoration of their lost childhoods. These daughters of sex workers are stigmatized, under-privileged and marginalized in terms of social, political, and economic status within India.

The Pranic Healing for HOPE family and supporters are passionate about this very special cause and have committed to fund this project on an annual basis.

For more information on this incredible project please contact pranichealingforhope@hopefoundation.ie.

Everyone at HOPE is eternally grateful to the Pranic Healing for HOPE family of supporters for their incredible hard work, dedication, leadership, generosity and care shown to these most vulnerable children and communities in Kolkata.

Your efforts are changing lives every day – thank you!

The outstanding funding required for PBK is €10,261 and we urgently need your help to reach this figure by 31st March 2024.

Story of Change

15 Arohi (name changed) wants to pursue a career in Hotel Management and dearly wishes to give her mother a secure and dignified life. She is very studious and loves to listen to music and is passionate about dancing.

However, her life has not always been so happy. Her mother’s risky profession working in the red-light area of Kalighat gravely impacted her childhood.

Deprived of proper nutrition and early childhood education, Arohi was left without any protection or care. She never played with children nor had any entertainment, pastime, or any of the other requirements that a child needs to grow and develop properly.

During a visit to Kalighat, a case worker identified her as needing protection and presented her case to the Child Welfare Committee, which ordered her to be placed in PBK Residential Childcare Centre for her care and development. Arohi was provided with counselling to overcome the traumas she faced in her young life. At PBK, she found a place to become healthy, to play, to grow as a young girl should. She was enrolled in school where she is thriving and showing significant academic progress every year.

In January 2022, Arohi was promoted to Class 10 with Grade of A+. She has enrolled in further education and a savings bank account has been opened for her. She and her mother are always encouraged to deposit money in the bank account for a secure future.

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HOPE Healthcare for the Street Community

Night Round Mobile Medical Programme

HOPE’s Night Round Mobile Medical Programme was established in 2017 to provide primary health care services to the street connected and slum dwelling communities in Kolkata. This service is provided late into the night when vulnerabilities among street-connected communities increases. Our dedicated team comprising of a doctor, nurse, social worker and pharmacist provide the most vulnerable children and adults with primary health care. This is a vital service providing not only emergency health care and diagnoses at night, but also free medicine to those who need it the most.

We are delighted to announce that we have reached the target of €15,000 for this programme for this year, which is wonderful news! Huge thanks to everyone that has supported it!

Story of Change

Mahmud (name changed), a 16-year-old boy from a street-connected community, was identified by the Night Round Medical Unit with a broken leg. His father told the team that Mahmud had an accident 8 years back and had fractured the same leg again. At that time, his leg was fixed with an implant that had not been removed.

After the last accident, the family took Mahmud to the hospital for treatment. However, due to the long queue at the Orthopaedic department, Mahmud only received first aid, and the health workers did not attend to his previous implant.

The attending physician in the Night Round team advised for Mahmud’s hospitalisation. However, his father feared Mahmud’s leg might worsen after surgery. He was counselled about the support available at HOPE Hospital and then he accompanied Mahmud to HOPE Hospital.

At the Hospital, X-rays indicated that the implant was also badly bruised due to the recent accident and would need immediate intervention. He was referred for surgery, which was done successfully.

After recovery, Mahmud was released from the hospital and is still under follow-up treatment. He is still gaining the strength to walk freely and feels no pain while doing the exercises.

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Click to Donate and Support These Vital Programmes
Additional programme funding provided by Pranic Healing for HOPE

Pranic Healing for HOPE also raised substantial funds for HOPE’s COVID-19 Emergency Response campaign throughout the pandemic – providing for example, funds to cover the cost of purchasing 5 cardiac monitors for use in HOPE Hospital in Kolkata.

Child Sponsorship

Since 2018, Pranic Healing for HOPE supporters have sponsored 25 children in our Education Sponorship Programme.

News from PBK Residential Child Care Centre and Night Round Medical Unit

PBK Residential Child Care Centre for Girls – Update on activities for last year

  • 28 girls are under the protective shelter of PBK Residential Child Care Centre and are supported with nutrition, education, healthcare, recreation activities, English language and computer training, in a loving “home from home “environment”, with the wonderful staff of PBK.
  • 8 girls have been reunited with their families – and they continue to be supported to ensure that they are reintegrating well.
  • 10 families have received extensive counselling and training support to improve their knowledge of child rearing practices and ways to protect the rights of children.
  • 22 girls have been enrolled into and continue their studies in local mainstream secondary schools
  • 21 girls have been promoted to their next level of education (class).
  • 4 girls with learning difficulties have been attending special education classes and improved their skills and ability in language, literature and maths.
  • 12 girls have successfully been enlisted in local Social Welfare Schemes to ensure their retention in higher education.
  • 10 families have been successfully linked with local Social Welfare Schemes to improve their socio-economic conditions.
  • 24 girls undertook 120 classes in drawing, dancing and painting. Their artwork was displayed at various exhibitions, and they danced at cultural events.
  • 14 girls participated in weekly sport games.
Night Round Medical Unit – Summary update for last year

  • 7,709 children and adults received primary healthcare support from the night round medical unit.
  • 69 patients got free diabetes check-ups
  • 14 patients were rescued from the street and received treatment from Hope Hospital.
  • 45 Covid booster vaccines delivered
  • 25 HIV awareness camps organised
  • 5 Dengue awareness camps organized.
  • 8 health & hygiene awareness camps organised.
  • 7 early marriage awareness camps organised.

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Pranic Healing for HOPE Trip to Kolkata

The Pranic Healing for HOPE supporters' trip to Kolkata will take place from 11 - 18 April 2024. We are very excited for this group to visit the projects that they have fundraised so hard for and to embrace the culture and warmth of West Bengal. Some of the group have already visited and are really thrilled to go back and for its their first time to visit the City of Joy!

This promises yet again to be the trip of a life time.