Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, all travel has been cancelled and thus the Pranic Healing for HOPE trip to Kolkata 2021, has been deferred until further notice. Please watch this space for information relating to our revised trip dates and arrangements.

Pranic Healing for HOPE was established in 2018. It is the brainchild of Pranic Healers and friends of HOPE, Joan Hunt and Amanda Connell, with the aim of raising much needed funds to support HOPE’s projects with the street and slum children of Kolkata.

A Home of HOPE for the Children of Kolkata

Funding PBK Girls Protection Home

PBK Home was established as a residential home to protect the childhoods and rights of girls living in the red-light area of Kolkata.
Your donations to Pranic Healing for HOPE ensures that vulnerable children are supported with the necessary care for their development, and the restoration of their lost childhoods. These daughters of sex workers are stigmatized, under-privileged and marginalized in terms of social, political, and economic status within India.

PBK Protection home provides a safe refuge to them while ensuring rights of survival, education, development and protection.

The Pranic Healing for HOPE family and supporters are passionate about this very special cause and have committed to fund this project on an annual basis. Over the past 3 years, they have raised the phenomenal amount of almost €150,000 to support this programme.

Even throughout the incredibly challenging environment of the Covid pandemic in 2020 and 2021, they committed to funding PBK Protection home to the tune of €30,000 by 31st  March 2022, and they are almost at that target in January 2022, where a total of €29,050 has been raised.

Pranic Healing for HOPE have also raised substantial funds for HOPE’s COVID-19 Emergency Response campaign throughout 2021 – providing for example, funds to cover the cost of purchasing 5 cardiac monitors for use in HOPE Hospital in Kolkata.

For more information on this incredible project please contact pranichealingforhope@gmail.com

Everyone at HOPE is eternally grateful to the Pranic Healing for HOPE family of supporters for their incredible hard work, dedication , leadership , generosity and care shown to these most vulnerable children and communities in Kolkata.

Your efforts are changing lives every day – thank you!

How You Can Help

You can support the Pranic Healing for HOPE programme  by donating to PBK Girls Home, donating to HOPE’s Night Watch programme, sponsoring a child’s education, or by registering your interest in taking part in the Pranic Healing for HOPE trip to Kolkata. Click the relevant button below.

Sponsor a Child’s Education
Register Interest for Trip to Kolkata

PBK Update – June 2021

There are currently 14 girls residing in PBK Home. One girl was recently placed in the Home by the Child Welfare Committee. 3 girls were safely restored to their families, from April to June 2021 and one of these girls is receiving home-based support. All the girls are in good health, and are well informed about Covid-19, and safety protocols.

The schools are still closed but the girls are continuing online classes. Three girls studying in Class X have applied for ITI (Industrial Training Institute) from the West Bengal State Council for Vocational Training, which offers certificate courses on sewing, embroidery and designing, painting and horticulture, and others.

As lockdown restrictions are still in place, the children cannot go to the park or attend classes outside of the Home. However, the girls are participating in art, dance, sewing, cooking and other recreational activities inside the Home. Volunteers are also organising fun activities online with the girls, which they thoroughly enjoy!

Pranic Healing for HOPE is inspired by the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui, (MCKS), who dedicated his life to developing the Pranic Healing System to alleviate the suffering of humanity.

Pranic Healing for HOPE is a programme designed for Irish Pranic healers to come together and share the priceless benefits of MCKS Pranic healing; Twin Hearts Meditation and the Stillness Mediation for Children by Les Flitcroft. They will share these healing practices in Kolkata with HOPE caregivers and children who are beneficiaries of HOPEs protection homes and HOPEs hospital.

The Pranic Healing for HOPE programme will help to enrich and enhance their lives. It also nurtures and develops the existing relationship between HOPE and Pranic Healing in Ireland through their common goal to change the lives of the underprivileged.

The Pranic Healing for HOPE group pictured with Geeta